Rendering of the New Engineering Complex

Development Update

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The past year has been an important year of transition in our college and on our campus and the future looks bright indeed! A new dean and a new associate dean have been hired, along with a new chancellor on the campus level. These new leaders have the vision, experience, and enthusiasm to build on an already great foundation. I am truly excited about the coming years and the new heights to which we will climb!

Before we end the Join the Journey Campaign in June 2020, I want to thank you for helping us reach our goal ahead of time. Through your generosity, we have exceeded our $200 million campaign goal and now sit at more than $220 million for the campaign. You, our alumni and friends, have donated time and treasure to assure the continued success of our engineering program by establishing scholarships, supporting faculty, and creating new and exciting spaces in which our students can learn to be great engineers.

As a new engineering complex rises along the banks of the Tennessee River, it very much symbolizes the continuing excellence of our engineering program. There, our highly-ranked Department of Nuclear Engineering will find a new home, along with freshman programs. The building will also be a hub of activity, symbolizing our relationship to industry and how our engineers make our community and our world a better place. The building will indeed be a new “gateway” to engineering on our campus when it opens in 2021.

So, thank you again, for all that you do! We appreciate continued support and for joining us on this good and noble journey!

Brian Shupe's Signature

Brian Shupe
Executive Director of Development

Brian Shupe